A New High Performance SiGe Technology for Next-Generation Optical Communications

Recently, we announced a new technology, H5; the latest process that is part of our advanced SiGe Terabit Platform and includes five generations of technology spanning applications from 3Gbps to now 400Gbps.

The H5 process includes increased device speed vs. prior generations with Ft of 300GHz as well as other “proprietary features” to address the 400GbE product space.

Customers can quickly migrate existing products to H5 as layouts are virtually identical to prior generations of technology. H5 can help reduce power consumption in lower data-rate products or boost data rates to address newer standards. We work closely with our customers and tailor our roadmaps to meet their next-generation needs. As such, we work with leaders in the market to optimize technology for the 400GbE era for which our customers are already providing initial solutions based on TowerJazz process technology.

TowerJazz’s advanced RF and High Performance Analog (HPA) technologies enable faster and faster data rates in both the world’s mobile devices and the infrastructure that feeds these devices. Growth in both mobile devices and infrastructure has been very strong as the hunger for more and faster data seemingly has no end.

For the infrastructure market, our industry leadership in high performance SiGe continues with our H5 process optimized for 400GbE communications which can quadruple the capacity of even the fastest links deployed today at 100Gbps, carrying the world’s internet data traffic through networks and in data centers.

SiGe Terabit Platform – HX, H2, H3, H4, H5

The TowerJazz SiGe Terabit Platform includes advanced CMOS, together with low-noise, high-speed, and high power SiGe devices and unique patented features that enable best-in-class performance for the most demanding ICs in high-speed communication links. These components include, for example, trans-impedance amplifiers (TIAs) on the receive path and laser drivers on the transmit path.

The addition of H5 to the SiGe Terabit Platform extends a rich history of process technologies that include HX and H2 (addressing 10 to 28Gbps requirements), H3 with SiGe speeds of 280GHz (addressing requirements up to 100Gbps), and now H4 and H5 with transistor speeds that exceed 300GHz and can reduce power consumption by nearly an order of magnitude.


For more information on our H5 process or any of our SiGe solutions, please visit here

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