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Non Imaging Sensor Technology

Expand Your Sensing Capabilities, Lead the World of Sensors

Our expanding connected IoT world is built around sensing our surroundings, analyzing data, and reacting. Tower Semiconductor offers a broad range of sensor fabrication technologies and IPs to help customers meet this growing demand for various applications. 

Tower Semiconductor recognizes that almost every modern electronic device has sensors in it. From the connected IoT world to smart autonomous automobiles, we grow more and more dependent on smart sensors  (to sense the surroundings and react). The automotive industry requires more and more sensors for car monitoring in order to reach higher reliability, broader safety and security on the way to autonomous vehicles.  

Tower Semiconductor offers technological platforms for fabricating diverse sensing devices, including unique ionizing radiation, UV and magnetic field sensors. With our proven and flexible capabilities, we will help to enable and/or expand your sensors offering to the market and achieve competitive advantages. One of the benefits is that our platforms are based on standard CMOS processes, allowing sensing functionality to be embedded directly into a SoC architecture. Tower Semiconductor sensor platforms allow ultra-low power design and fabrication of devices for the environment while maintaining outstanding sensitivity and reliability.

Tower Semiconductor offers complimentary design IPs to complete your sensors offering, such as Sigma-Delta ADC, Trans-Impedance Amplifier (TIA), DAC, embedded NVM, and standard serial I/F. In addition, we provide design support to help customize the sensors for diverse applications and requirements. Our team is available to help you enter the field, develop/expand your sensors offering and accelerate time-to-market.

Non-Imaging Sensor

Markets Served

Unique Platforms for Sensor Fabrication

Floating Gate Sensor Platform

  • Based on Tower Semiconductor patented single Poly NVM
  • Zero masks added to the core CMOS flow
  • Ultra-low power operation
  • No need for power source in the registration mode
  • PDK available
  • Suitable for time-temperature indicators, radiation, and Radon (Rn) sensors

GaN Production Platform

  • AlGaN/GaN devices on 6” wafers
  • Low-resistance Ohmic contacts to 2DEG using fab-friendly materials 
  • Efficient isolation operating up to 400°C
  • Devices integrated with heaters on GaN membranes
  • Suitable for high-temperature, gas, Hall effect, and UV sensors

Sensors on Membranes 

  • Several technologies for membrane and devices on the membranes fabrication:

    • “Onion” etch technology
    • Back and front side dry etch to form membranes
    • Heaters integrated with the membranes
    • Verified in fabrication of nanowire sensors and scaled down transistors 

Sensor Data Analysis

    • Embedded Non-Volatile Memory (Y-Flash), 128 bit -16 kbit memory (no additional masks to CMOS), including memristors for neuromorphic chips (artificial intelligence data processing). 
    • High precision, low power consumption Sigma-Delta ADC -(14 -22 bits) and  DAC -(10 – 14 bits)
    • TIA (Trans-impedance Amplifier) with  wide input current range, low noise and low offset
    • Serial I/F – I2C, SPI
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