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Radiation and UV Sensors

Ultra-High Sensitivity Sensors 

The growth of nanotechnology-based radiation sensors markets is fueled by the trend of miniaturization and demand for less costly sensors. This is supported by emerging end applications, such as sterilization, badges for personnel working with ionizing radiation, and Radon (Rn) detectors.


  • Floating gate detectors for different types of radiation detection: X-ray, UV, Gamma, electrons, neutrons, Alpha-particles, etc. 
  • Distinguishing features: reusable, ultra-high sensitivity, operating in a wide range of temperatures.
  • Implantable in-vivo dosimeters for radiotherapy (based on FG C-sensors).
  • UV sensors based on backside illuminated photodiodes epitaxial silicon wafers.
  • GaN based UV sensors having record sensitivity of 108 A/W

Radiation & UV Sensors

End Applications




Radiation Monitors

TowerJazz non imaging sensors - radiation

Radon (Rn) Detectors

TowerJazz Non imaging sensors - radiation Radon

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