Research & Development

An Environment of Innovation​

Aligned with its market leading customers, Tower Semiconductor is focused on developing disruptive technologies for emerging applications, enabling future commercialization.

With a global environment of innovation, combining the experience of its worldwide highly talented R&D engineers from diverse fields, Tower Semiconductor provides a platform to cross-fertilize disruptive and novel ideas that enable breakthrough business opportunities for its customers. Projects are aligned with not only the Company’s business objectives, but with the technology roadmaps of its customers and their next generation products.

Tower Semiconductor is working in tight cooperation with academia, governments and start-ups to advance development of commodity and specialized ASICs. Tower Semiconductor is part of several R&D consortia sponsored by the Israeli Ministry of Trade in Israel and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) in the US. Several R&D projects, particularly in the field of thermal imager technology, with special focus on infrared and high-speed communications are run in collaboration with US Defense Agencies.


Tower Semiconductor has been granted numerous patents and is continuously filing new patent applications. The protected technologies include advanced antenna switches on SOI, power management devices, various CMOS imagers and other sensors, novel non-volatile memories and methods for increasing performance of CMOS and BiCMOS products.

Technical Talks and Publications

Tower Semiconductor engineers often provide invited talks at international conferences/roundtables as well as serve in Technical/Steering Committees and as Section Chairs of IEDM, VLSI, IITC, IEEE, IMW, MRS , IMS and other highly prestigious international venues.
Numerous research papers are being published regularly in well-known international journals and conference proceedings such as IEEE ED, J.Appl. Phys, Microelectronics Reliability and others, reflecting the Company’s research directions and major innovative achievements. In addition, several invited papers have been published, and Company representatives act as editors and reviewers in leading international journals.

Internally, the Company publishes the Tower Semiconductor Technical Journal (TJ2), featuring technical papers by employees from Tower Semiconductor worldwide facilities and R&D divisions.

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