Transfer Optimization and Development Process Services

Tower Semiconductor process transfer services include development, transfer and extensive optimization defined by customer needs, and are available in all the Company’s worldwide manufacturing facilities and across all its different business units.

With a world-class engineering team, well-established transfer methodologies, and vast manufacturing experience, Tower Semiconductor guarantees IP protection and low-risk services, first-time success, and record time to production, enabling customers fast time-to-market.

Main offerings

For Integrated Device Manufacturers (IDMs)

  • High-volume, secured process transfer
  • Technical flexibility
  • Future generation developments

For Fabless Companies

  • Unique processes
  • Tools to fabricate customers’ specialty products

Special Business Models

  • Co-development of novel products based on customer needs
  • Full technical support and project management

External Services

  • Technology licensing and management

Advantages and highlights

  • Best-in-class technology transfer teams: focused, experienced professionals with diverse technological knowledge.
  • High flexibility in adapting business models and production flows to customer requirements.
  • Culture of trust and respect by securing customer IP. Tower Semiconductor has attained/holds the information security standard (ISO27001) certification.
  • Time to market: Duration for each project is planned according to customer needs and project complexity. A project schedule can vary between 6–13 months from kickoff to production ramp (including new tool installation).
  • Performance: Once running in mass production, yields are equal to, or better than, the mother fab.
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