Transfer Optimization and development Process Services​

Tower Semiconductor process transfer services include development, transfer and extensive optimization defined by customer needs, and are available in all the Company’s worldwide manufacturing facilities.

With a world-class engineering team, well-established transfer methodologies and vast manufacturing experience, Tower Semiconductor guarantees IP protection and low risk services, first time success and record time to production, enabling customers fast time-to-market.

TOPS main offerings

For Integrated Device Manufacturers (IDMs)

  • High-volume, secured process transfer
  • Technical flexibility
  • Future generation developments

For Fabless Companies

  • Unique processes
  • Tools to fabricate customers’ specialty products

Special Business Models

  • Co-development of novel products based on customer needs
  • Full technical support and project management

External Services

  • Technology licensing and management

TOPS advantages

  • Best-in-class technology transfer teams: focused, experienced professionals with diverse technological knowledge.
  • High flexibility in adapting business models and production flows to customer requirements.
  • Culture of trust and respect by securing customer IP. Tower Semiconductor has attained/holds the information security standard (ISO27001) certification.
  • Time to market: Duration for each project is planned according to customer needs and project complexity. A project schedule can vary between 6–13 months from kickoff to production ramp (including new tool installation).
  • Performance: Once running in mass production, yields are equal to, or better than, the mother fab.
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