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Tower Semiconductor advanced and proven CMOS image sensor technology meets the growing demand for optical sensors used in high-end photography, industrial, medical, automotive and consumer applications, including high end camera phones and 3D cameras.

Tower Semiconductor’s worldwide recognized leadership in CMOS image sensors and pixel technology is derived from its vast experience and proven ability to supply sensors with best-in-class performance, customized to product and application needs. We provide our customers with high end, state of the art imaging solutions as well as unique customization processes enabling unmatched pixel design flexibility. The company’s extensive expertise in the imaging field combined with in-house CIS technology development enables Tower Semiconductor to meet the market’s rigorous requirements for leading-edge performance, advanced features and reduced die size. 

Tower Semiconductor’s long-term investment in R&D and technical support keeps it at the cutting edge of CIS technology. By choosing Tower Semiconductor’s mature process, customers benefit from skilled experts who work to customize designs and provide rich solutions to meet their requirements and project needs.

Tower Semiconductor’s CIS technology is offered on three different platforms:

  • 8” wafers, 180nm with aluminum backend (1)
  • 8” wafers, 110nm with copper backend
  • 12” wafers, 65nm with copper backend (1), (2)
    (1) Stitching technology is currently available on 180nm and 65nm platforms (both two-mask and one-mask stitching) and soon will be also available on 110nm platform.
    (2) On 65nm platform, our unique dual light pipe for high QE and high shutter efficiency (for global shutter pixels) is available

CMOS Image Sensor

Markets Served

Tower Semiconductor CMOS Image Sensor Technolofgy Main Features

Pixel Offering Mapping

CMOS Image Sensor Pixel Offering

180nm (Aluminum backend)

  • Most mature and flexible 1.8/3.3V and 1.8/5V CMOS platforms
  • Wide range of pixel architectures and technologies
  • FSI thin backend and reduced backend 
  • BSI for improved QE
  • In-house Color Filter Array (CFA) and gap-less µ-lenses
  • Full modularity of process options
  • 1D and 2D stitching to enable large sensors up to 1 die per wafer
  • Special stitching mode using two mask sets

Advanced 110nm (Copper backend)

  • Variety of pixels to choose from
  • Thin back end and dual lens for excellent angular response
  • Smallest GS pixel on 8” wafers
  • Inner µ-lens for improved GS performance
  • BSI for improved QE, higher speed devices
  • In-house Color Filter Array (CFA) and gap-less µ-lenses
  • 1D and 2D stitching to enable large sensors up to 1 die per wafer – available soon

State of the art 65nm (Copper backend)

  • Ultra-thin backend and dual light pipe for best in class angular response
  • BSI and Stacked BSI for reduced cost
  • Best-in-class GS (Global Shutter) charge-domain pixel  and very high shutter efficiency
  • Smallest GS pixel 2.5um
  • 1D and 2D stitching to enable large sensors (up to 1 die per wafer)
  • Special stitching mode using two mask sets
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