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High End Imaging Solutions for Next Generation Automobiles

TowerJazz Objects detection
LiDar Technology TowerJazz


  • High NIR sensitivity and ultra-high dynamic range pixels
  • Single Photon Avalanche Photodiode (SPAD) pixels for LiDAR applications
  • Fast gated sensors for autonomous driving cars and ADAS
  • Active gated Time of Flight (ToF) pixels 
  • Pixel size:
    • 10µm global shutter pixels for fast gated sensors;  180, 110 & 65nm
    • ToF 5-50µm; 180nm, 110nm & 65nm
    • SPAD >8µm; 180nm
  • Near IR (NIR) SPAD for ToF LiDAR Sensing:
    • Enhanced NIR photon detection efficiency (PDE)
    • Reduced jitter (trigger-to-avalanche time spread)
    • Reduced dark count rate (DCR)
    • Very low X-talk (electrical and optical)

Automotive Applications 


TowerJazz Lane detection

Lane Detection

Mirror Camera

Mirror Camera

beam control

Beam Control

Autonomous driving

Autonomous Driving