Global capacity assurance
with high quality and flexible worldwide
manufacturing capabilities
Making a positive
and sustainable impact on the world
Leading the analog semiconductor ecosystem
with the widest range of customized analog
technologies and innovative market solutions

Analog and Value

A broad range of advanced customizable and innovative analog process technologies for growing markets such as infrastructure, automotive, mobile, medical, industrial, consumer and aerospace and defense, among others.

Worldwide operational footprint with multi-fab production options in three geographic regions, providing global capacity assurance and flexibility with best qualities and manufacturing capabilities.

Tower Semiconductor (NASDAQ/TASE: TSEM), focuses on increasing shareholders value by enhancing its strong financial foundation, enabling the Company to pursue and realize its goals and emerging opportunities towards value creation.

What We Do

Tower Semiconductor, the leading foundry of high value analog semiconductor solutions, specializes in manufacturing analog integrated circuits for more than 300 customers worldwide in growing markets such as automotive, medical, industrial, consumer and aerospace and defense, among others.  

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Corporate Social Responsibility

Creating a corporate culture that is ethical and moral in every aspect, providing all employees an opportunity to grow as individuals and to thrive, while enriching and improving not only individuals’ lives, but enhancing society as a whole. 

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