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Webinars and Presentation Videos 

A&D webinar

Aerospace and Defense technology solutions

Presented by: Dr. Dave Howard


MEMS and Non-Imaging Sensor Technology

Presented by: Myriam Buchbinder and Prof. Yakov Roizin


Process technology and PDK enhancements for wireless applications

Presented by: by Dr. Paul Hurwitz


Under OLED and under LCD optical fingerprint sensors

Presented by: Dr. Amos Fenigstein


All 2020 TGS Webinars Stacking BSI technology, iToF and dTOF for face recognition and next-generation global shutter technology

Presented by: Dr. Assaf Lahav

PM TGS 2020

Tower Semiconductor’s latest high voltage and high-power technologies

Presented by: Mr. Erez Sarig


Silicon Photonics and Advanced SiGe Technology for Optical Transceivers

Presented by: Dr. Ed Preisler

The Sensor Show Presentation Video

IoT Sensors for The Industrial and Harsh Environments

Presented by: AJ ElJallad

The presentation discusses how our advanced devices can be integrated on conventional CMOS platforms to create highly differentiated environmental, radiation, and magnetic sensors that are scalable in feature, highly efficient, ultra-miniature, cost-competitive, and suitable for applications operating in harsh environments, exposed to various gasses, chemicals, moisture, and high temperature in systems that require high reliability and accuracy.
Autosens Presentation Video

Automotive Radar: Technologies and Tradeoffs

Presented by: Dr. Amol Kalburge

In this talk, we present a brief overview of the recent advances in radar technologies and the cost/performance tradeoffs the designers – and the system architects – have to make to usher in the era of autonomous vehicles.
Tower Power Management Webinar

Leading Power Management Technology Addressing Market Trends and Requirements for Extended Power and High Voltages Applications

Presented by: Erez Sarig

The webinar reviews current and future market trends related to extended power and high voltages requirements serving applications in the 48V ecosystem such as EV/HEV, green energy, high power computing, and robotics, while addressing its technological needs and challenges.
Lumerical and Tower Webinar

Lumrical and Tower Semiconductor – Tower’s PH18 First ‘Open’ Foundry SiPho Process

Presented by: Lumerical and Tower Semiconductor

Joint webinar with Lumrical and Tower Semiconductor covering Tower's PH18 first 'open' foundry SiPho process
Tower Synopsys Webinar

Synopsys PIC Design Flow in Tower’s ‘Open Foundry’ SiPho Process

Presented by: Synopsys and Tower Semiconductor

Joint webinar hosted by Synopsys covering PIC design flow in Tower Semiconductor's 'open foundry' SiPho process.
Autosens Presentation Video

Role of Specialty Analog Foundry in Enabling ADAS and Autonomous Driving

Presented by: Dr. Amol Kalburge

Part of AutoSens 2018
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