Stacking BSI technology, iToF and dTOF for face recognition and next-generation global shutter technology


   *Session in Japanese by Isao Miyanaga


One of the most fascinating development in today’s imaging market is global shutter sensor technology with enhanced performance for end applications in both the industrial and consumer markets. Such performance is made available by Tower’s world-leading 2.5um global shutter pixel technology enabling very high shutter efficiency almost independent on light angle and with high quantum efficiency. This advanced pixel offering, combined with our newly introduced BSI stacking technology, provides the capability to design state of the art, innovative sensors that bring breakthrough solutions to the market. During this session we will present our platform for BSI devices as well as our current offering for Visible Light, Tower’s PDK, and mode of work / pixel IP support. In addition, we will discuss out platform for NIR QE enhancement, and present current enhancement and results as well as future roadmap. In addition, we will present results from three different BSI devices – iTOF, dTOF and 1” high performance sensors. 

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Dr. Assaf Lahav

CIS Research & Development Expert and Fellow 


Dr. Lahav joined Tower Semiconductor in 2001 and became a Tower Semiconductor Fellow in 2018. He has worldwide responsibility over the Company’s CMOS image sensor (CIS) technology offering. His research is focused on low noise global shutter technology, high resolution NIR imaging and back side illumination devices. Since 2008, Dr. Lahav has worked on global shutter pixel technology and fast sensors. This work in now widely used in many cameras including Time of Flight (TOF) and structured light 3D, range cameras for automotive applications, industrial and traffic control inspection cameras… Read More »

Dr. Assaf Lahav TowerJazz Fellow


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