Aerospace and Defense Technology Solution

November  23, 2020   | 


Tower Semiconductor has an Aerospace & Defense Business Unit that includes two prime missions: (1) to provide access to Tower’s worldwide technologies in USA and abroad, and (2) to engage government, security and defense on Tower’s technology roadmap and explore synergies to serve the government community.  In this talk, we will provide a brief overview on the Tower technology platform and the latest technology roadmaps, discuss some specifics of technology access, and provide recent examples of leading products, critical technologies, and successful collaborations with Tower.

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Dr. David Howard

Executive Director & Fellow

Dr. Howard was named Tower Semiconductor Fellow in March 2013 due to his significant contributions to the Company. He was appointed Executive Director in 2004, serving both commercial and aerospace & defense business units. He is focused on enablement of new technologies, new business and partnership development, and the Tower Semiconductor technical roadmap for an expanding worldwide manufacturing capability. He was a founding member of Jazz Semiconductor in 2002 and served in various roles in R&D and production….  Read More »

Dr. David Howards


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