by Dr. Ed Preisler,   Director of Technology Development, RF & HPA

Followed by a joint presentation with SYNOPSYS on SiPho and SiGe Design Enablement Tools

November 9, 2020

As the optical transceiver market moves from 100GBs to 400GBs and looking forward to future nodes at 800GBs and beyond, many complex analog components are required to assemble energy-efficient and cost-effective optical modules. Tower Semiconductor technologies… Read More>>

by Mr. Erez Sarig,   Director of Power Management Business Development & Marketing

November 10, 2020

Addressing the continuously growing needs for advanced power performance in the computing, industrial, and consumer markets, we have released our best-in-class Gen6 platform with industry-leading Rdson. Tower’s Gen6 technology includes an enhanced operation condition to guarantee a robust operation at high currents that can create large voltage… Read More »

by Dr. Assaf Lahav,   CIS Research & Development Expert and Fellow

November 12, 2020

One of the most fascinating development in today’s imaging market is global shutter sensor technology with enhanced performance for end applications in both the industrial and consumer markets. Such performance is made available by Tower’s world-leading 2.5um global shutter pixel technology enabling very high shutter efficiency… Read More»

by Dr. Paul Hurwitz,  Director of Device Technology, RF & HPA

November 18, 2020

This session will review current 5G market adoption update and the technology enhancements Tower has implemented on its RFSOI and SiGe platforms to further improve end-product designs performance and time to market. . In particular, the session will cover our latest 300mm RFSOI offering showcasing its highly improved LNA performance vs. previous generations. We will review our…  Read More>>

by Dr. Amos Fenigstein,  Senior Director of CIS Research & Development, Sensors Business Unit 

November 17, 2020

Fingerprint identification for cellphones has long become a standard in today’s market. The requirement of having the sensor under the cellphone screen has led to the development of optical fingerprint sensors that provide higher performance and cost advantages as compared with other available alternatives (e.g. ultrasonic sensors). Due to the size and constraints of fingerprint sensors, 0.18um CIS technology platform provides an ideal solution. The implementation of these sensors is classified into… Read More»

MEMS by Myriam BuchbinderSenior Director of Process Engineering Research & Development

NIST by Prof. Yakov Roizin,  Director of Emerging Technologies and Fellow

November 19, 2020

MEMS – This session will provide an overview of Tower’s MEMS technology and manufacturing experience at its global facilities, emphasizing strengths at each technology platform: integrated CMOS + MEMS; Bulk micromachining, membranes.

Non-Imaging Sensor Technology – Creating SoC edge node devices combining CMOS and sensors.  Miniaturized low-cost/low-power semiconductor sensors are critical in numerous emerging applications, in particular advanced smartphones, automotive electronics, edge IoT devices and medical systems. Tower Semiconductor offers production platforms that allow fabricating various non-imaging sensors without… Read More»

by Dr. David Howard,   Executive Director and Fellow

November 23, 2020

Tower Semiconductor has an Aerospace & Defense Business Unit that includes two prime missions: (1) to provide access to Tower’s worldwide technologies in USA and abroad, and (2) to engage government, security and defense on Tower’s technology roadmap and explore synergies to serve the government community.  In this talk, we will provide a brief overview on the Tower technology platform…  Read More>>

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