MEMS and Non-imaging Sensors Technology 

November 19, 2020  |

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This session will provide an overview of Tower’s MEMS technology and manufacturing experience at its global facilities, emphasizing strengths at each technology platform F3: integrated CMOS + MEMS; F2:Bulk micromachining, membranes. 
Available process capabilities. We will discuss various examples of development done, and show products that are/have been in production
We will also cover our roadmap to expand our MEMS programs with new partners and collaborators.


Non-Imaging Sensors  – Creating SoC edge node devices combining CMOS and sensors 

Miniaturized low-cost/low-power semiconductor sensors are critical in numerous emerging applications, in particular advanced smartphones, automotive electronics, edge IoT devices and medical systems. Tower Semiconductor offers production platforms that allow fabricating various non-imaging sensors without, or with just a few additional masks to the core CMOS. Several examples of such platforms are presented in the talk. Special attention is given to Alpha particle (Radon) matrix detectors, comprising of large amount of pixels and featuring novel registration principles. Silicon based, UV blind sensors and IR thermometers are presented as examples of integrated products fabricated together with CMOS on SOI substrates with thin device layers. Sensing devices with open surfaces (electrostatically controlled nanowires), confirm feasibility of SOI platforms for gas sensing. TMR magnetic field sensors in the back end of 65nm CMOS process is another example of cost-efficient integration of sensing devices with CMOS. 

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Mrs. Myriam Buchbinder

Senior Director of Process Engineering Research & Development 

Myriam Buchbinder has over 30yrs experience in the semiconductor industry.  She joined Tower Semiconductor in 2001 as a Thin Films engineer, and has held various positions within the Process Engineering R&D Department.  Since 2006, Myriam she has served as Director of the Process R&D department with a team of talented  engineers who develop the new processes needed to bring our innovative Business Units’ ideas to fruition.  Current key department activities are in developing the next generation RF-SOI, and CIS technologies for FAB2, and in expanding the TOPS MEMS and Sensors activities.   Prior to joining Tower, Myriam worked for 13yrs at Gennum Corp in Burlington, Canada (now part of Semtech) in process development and integration of Bipolar devices.  
Myriam received her BSc degree in Electrical Engineering in 1984 from Concordia University, Montreal, Canada
Myriam Buchbinder

Prof. Yakov Roizin

Director of Emerging Technologies & Fellow

Prof. Roizin was named Tower Semiconductor Fellow, the Company’s highest technical honor, and appointed as Director of Emerging Technologies in 2010. Currently, he is working on Tower Semiconductor roadmap R&D projects and coordinating interaction with Tower Semiconductor research partners in the semiconductor industry and in academia. Dr. Roizin has served with Tower Semiconductor in various positions since 1997. Prior to his current position, he held engineering and managerial positions in Tower Semiconductor R&D departments. During his career, he supervised the development of different types of semiconductor devices, including non-volatile memories and sensors for embedded CMOS technologies. Dr. Roizin is a full professor of Technion – Israel Institute of Technology (visiting) and a full professor of Tel-Aviv University (adjunct). He is the author of about 300 publications, including 60 patents. He received his Ph.D. and D.Sc. (Hab) degrees and Professor’s title from the leading academic institutions of the former USSR.  

Prof. Yakov Roizin


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