The Latest High-Voltage and High-Power Technologies 

Followed by a joint presentation with ANSYS on Empowering Tower Customer Innovation through ANSYS Multiphysics Simulations

November 25, 2020   
*Japan Session – 1:30pm Japan:
Session II –  London  10am:
November 10, 2020  
Upcoming session –  USA  10am PST:

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*Japan session in Japanese by Akira Takeishi


Addressing the continuously growing needs for advanced power performance in the computing, industrial and consumer markets, we have released our best-in-class Gen6 platform with industry-leading Rdson. Tower’s Gen6 technology includes an enhanced operation conditions to guarantee a robust operation at high currents that can create large voltage stress on a device within a switched mode applications. The advanced 65nm BCD on 300mm offers a complementary solution with the best Rdson together with ultra-high digital density and all at a lowest mask count serving applications up to 24V operation and high power needs. The high voltage solution that we provide covers up to 125V operation on a bulk technology with floating capabilities on all devices to the full voltage rail. During this session we will present Tower’s RESURF technology, including the upcoming DTI and voltage extension that will allow our customers to use all the products up to 160V with the same TS18PM technology as well as the 200V SOI technology, all sharing same PDK. Following the trend to drive GaN and SiC, as well as include multiple power domains, we will show our galvanic capacitor technology that is planned to be released next year. 

In this session we will cover all technologies in detail with relevant key parameters and design tips from a device point of few including device selection, Isolation scheme and ESD. We welcome technology experts, operation team and marketing managers to partner with us on these innovative technologies.        

Empowering Tower Foundry Customer Innovation Through ANSYS Multiphysics Simulations

Autonomy, electrification, 5G and IOT are key market drivers for semiconductor industry. Analog and mixed signal designs are at the heart of these electronics subsystems enabling key functionalities like sensing, data conversion, high speed interfaces, power management, photonics transceivers or RF communications. Power noise and reliability has become increasing concern in these mixed signal designs as these designs are being used in 5G, automotive or industrial applications with very different mission profile requirements and operating conditions. Based on the trusted golden signoff RedHawk-SC technology, Ansys delivers an accurate and high capacity solution for transistor-level and cell-level power noise sign off on these complex mixed signal designs. In this presentation, you will get an overview of Ansys solutions that address these challenges for mixed-signal designs. We will also describe how other Ansys Multiphysics solutions can address challenges like electromagnetic coupling, thermal and mechanical reliability in analog and mixed signal designs in Tower’s BCD technologies.
As an analog foundry, Tower offers best-in-class BCD process technologies that are used for analog/mixed-signal and automotive designs. Automotive ICs are driving the need for silicon calibrated design tools. In the talk we will highlight the supported design flows for Ansys tools. We will describe the creation an accurate tech files that are based on real fab statistics, and the QA flow to validate the accuracy. We will also describe our collaboration with Ansys technical team to automate and QA the setup files to ensure first-time silicon success.

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Mr. Erez Sarig

Director of Power Management Business Development & Marketing

Erez Sarig was appointed Director of Business Development & Marketing in 2016 after serving as Director of Europe Sales from 2014 to 2016. From 2007 until 2014 he managed the Design team in Tower Semiconductor’s design center after serving 6 years as an analog design expert…  Read More »

Mr. Erez Sarig

Mr. Ofer Tamir

Managing Director, CAD and Design Support

Ofer joined Tower Semiconductor in 2001 in parallel to the new Fab II building. Ofer first role was to build the Design Enablement team that would serve the existing and the new fab processes. Ofer has more than 30 years of experience in the Design Enablement and CAD from companies like National Semi., DSPG and Intrixsix. Ofer is well known in the WW EDA community and often present in Tower’s , DAC as well as EDA conferences as CDNLine, Mentor U2U and Synopsys SNUG. Ofer Has master’s in mathematics and Computer Science from Beer Sheva University.

Mr. Karthik Srinivasan

Director, Product Specialist, Ansys

Karthik is Director, Product Specialist for Analog & Mixed Signal Products at Semiconductor Business Unit. His work focusses on product planning for Analog/Mixed Signal simulation products at Ansys and field AE support. He has over 14 years of experience in EDA in various positions in Applications Engineering and Product Management at Apache design solution and ANSYS. His research interest includes power estimation, power noise, reliability and thermal analysis for chip-package and system.


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