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Tower Semiconductor’s design enablement platform provides best-in-class tools and support, enabling its customers a quick and accurate design cycle.



Tower Semiconductor’s PH18: First ‘Open’ Foundry SiPh Process

as part of Lumerical Online Tech Day 2020!

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We are committed to ensure our customers in achieving first-time working silicon. The success of integrated circuits (ICs) design process relays on state-of-the-art electronic design automation (EDA) tools, design intellectual property (IP) and dedicated expert design services.

Tower Semiconductor is recognized for its industry leading models and tools that give customers a significant competitive market advantage with first time design success, optimal performance, and the shortest time to market. The Company provides design kits, IPs and dedicated design services as well as online design customer support for its process technologies and is continuously collaborating with leading providers in these areas.

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