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Professional Photography

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TowerJazz CMOS Image Sensor CIS Technology Photography DSLR


  • Professional still (DSLR and ILC) and video (Cinematography and Broadcasting) applications
  • Highest requirements for image quality
  • 4T rolling shutter pixel with:
    • High Quantum efficiency (QE) 
    • Extremely low dark current (DC)
    • High dynamic range (DR)
    • Extremely low noise 
  • Stitching for large formats (full frame, medium format)
  • Large, high resolution sensors
  • High frame rate at full sensor resolution
  • High sensitivity and dynamic range
  • Extremely low dark current

Cinema &  Broadcasting

  • High Dynamic Range:
    • Unique 1.8/5V dual gate process giving 84dB linear dynamic range
  • Very low dark current characteristics at 60 degrees celsius
  • Stitching for large arrays available on 180nm and 65nm; 110nm available soon
  • Cinema:
    • Rolling Shutter – Pixel size 3.6-6µm; 180nm, 65nm
  •  Broadcasting:
    • Global Shutter – Pixel size 4-6µm;  180nm 


  • High Dynamic Range
  • Very low dark current 
  • BSI and stacked wafers for high sensitivity, 65nm
  • Rolling Shutter:
    • Pixel size 3.8 – 5µm; 110nm
    • Pixel size 3.2 – 6µm; 65nm
  •  Stitching for large arrays
TowerJazz CMOS Image Sensor Cinematography

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