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Industrial & Machine Vision

Industry’s leading global shutter performance for the widest range of industrial applications   


Industrial High Speed Barcode Reader

  • Global Shutter Pixels:
    • 5T and 6T global shutter pixels with outstanding shutter efficiency, low noise and low dark current (DC) for industrial and 3D sensing applications 
    • Voltage Domain with novel 3D High-K super high-C MiM capacitors
    • Charge Domain – extremely low noise pixel (<1ē)
    • Very high shutter efficiency with optimized process
    • Smallest high performance GS in the industry
    • Pixel size: 3.6 – 20um;  180nm
    • Pixel size: 2.5 – 5;  65nm (embedded dual light pipe technology)
  • BSI Global Shutter Pixels with High Shutter Efficiency :
    • Back side Storage node shielding
    • DTI for low parasitic light sensitivity
    • Light reflection layer for enhanced NIR QE
  • Area (2D) and line scanner (1D) sensors for various applications including machine vision, bar-code reading, ITS (intelligent traffic systems), production process control, biometry, face recognition, 3D mapping and others
  • CCD in CMOS module for CMOS TDI line sensor for flat belt application and free fall sorting (agriculture, recycling)
  • High resolution – up to 300Mp for industrial inspection systems
  • High Frame rates (>100,000 fps) for factory automation
  • Stitching for large arrays available on 180nm and 65nm

Market Served

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