TowerJazz Non imaging sensors

Environmental Sensors

Meeting the growing demand for innovative environmental sensing – 

Gas, Temperature and Humidity Sensors

Technologies fit for advanced wearable ambient monitoring sensors and the rising interest for portable outdoor environmental quality monitoring systems, including  controlling of  physical activity (running, jogging, etc.), testing of food quality, etc.


  •  Gas sensors using nanowires, electrically formed silicon nanowires (EFN)
  •  Scaled down transistors with open surface
  •  Excellent sensitivity to volatile organic compound and NH3 (Ammonia) demonstrated
  •    Fusion with temperature sensors on Si
  •  Time-temperature indicators for controlling the thermal budgets in products’ storage.
  •   High-Temperature sensors based on GaN , operating at temperatures up to 400C.
  •   Humidity sensors with extreme sensitivity based on GaN structures. 

Environmental Sensors – Markets Served 



Food Industry 

TowerJazz non imaginf sensors - temp

Medical  & Pharmaceutical

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