TowerJazz Non imaging sensors

Temperature Sensors 

Supporting both remote-temperature and time-temperature sensors 

There is a growing demand for industrial temperature sensors supporting different product types and various end-user industries such as: sensors in portable healthcare equipment, sensors for agriculture, , live stock health monitoring, devices for monitoring and managing food safety (cooking, refrigeration, defrosting, etc.). Markets for both contact & remote thermometers as well as time-temperature indicators, are rapidly expanding.

Platform Features:

  • Time-temperature indicators based on FG principle
    • Single Poly FG NVM with controlled retention-tunable retention time in the range from hours to years at different temperatures.  
  • Remote-temperature IR based sensors feature highly sensitive sensing elements fabricated on low thermal mass membranes  

Temperature Sensors –

Food Industry 

Medical & Pharmaceutical 


TowerJazz non imaginf sensors - temp
Temp sensors for pharmaceutical
TowerJazz non imaging sensors

Markets Served





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