2014 TowerJazz & TPSCo Technical Global Symposium (TGS) US and Japan Events

TowerJazz hosted our 9th annual US Technical Global Symposium (TGS) on November 19 and our 3rd annual Japan TGS on December 16. For the first year, the event was co-hosted with TowerJazz Panasonic Semiconductor Co. TPSCo to deliver the message that we are a group of specialty foundries with enhanced technology offerings and increased capacity.

At each event, starting with a keynote speech from our CEO, Russell Ellwanger, we focused on our advanced technologies and dedication to meeting the growing needs of our customers around the world.

We not only offer more technologies to our customers through TPSCo, such as leading edge 45nm CMOS, 65nm RF CMOS and 65nm 1.12um pixel technologies, but offer geographical presence in Japan and close proximity for customers in the Asia-Pacific region.

In the US, we also presented technology capability updates from our Aerospace & Defense Business Unit including highlights from our U.S. subsidiary, Jazz Semiconductor Trusted Foundry (JSTF) which is accredited as a Category 1A and 1B Trusted Supplier by the United States Department of Defense (DOD) as a manufacturer of semiconductors that may be used in trusted applications.

The 2014 TGS events were attended by hundreds of customers and potential customers. Over 90% responded that they were very satisfied with the symposium and it fulfilled their reasons for attending; primarily content (technical material and company strategy/messages) and networking opportunities.

At all TGS events, along with TowerJazz’s advanced specialty technologies, we presented updates on our set of sophisticated design kits and models, and our comprehensive analog IP portfolio.

TGS also provides a forum for TowerJazz to showcase our partners – the leading EDA vendors and tool providers – who exhibit and demo their solutions to address the design needs of our mutual customers. We would like to thank our worldwide sponsors for their continued support!

In 2015, TowerJazz and TPSCo will host TGS in Korea, Japan and the U.S. Please stay tuned for dates and exact locations. We look forward to seeing you there!

Dr. Marco Racanelli presenting on TowerJazz’s Specialty Technology Offerings at TGS USA

Thank you to our TGS sponsors!

Keysight TowerJazz PDK

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