“The Time Ahead of Us…Open and Unshaped, Feather Light in its Freedom”

Message from Mr. Russell Ellwanger—TowerJazz CEO & TPSCo Chairman

“What could and should be done with all the time that lies ahead of us…”
– Pascal Mercier

In the book, “The Night Train to Lisbon,” Pascal Mercier writes: “What could and should be done with all the time that lies ahead of us, open and unshaped, feather light in its freedom and lead heavy in its uncertainty?” The question forcibly hit me.

Thoughts of “What could and should be done” pulse through my arteries “oxygenating” my being, while the second idea of “lead heavy uncertainty” casts an ominous darkness. Yes, the future is open and unshaped. Hence, it is feather light in its freedom, awaiting us both in our respective individual lives and as groupings of people, to find that which inspires us and drives us towards excellence.

However, the last part does not echo as truth. The future need never be “lead heavy in uncertainty.” Individuals that have the proper knowledge, skills and (resolute) attitude (KSA) can make a reality of what others may see only as unachievable dreams.

We increase our own ability sets (knowledge, skills and attitude) by partnering with others that have an inspiring presence and attitude, and who possess complementary knowledge and skills. The highest level of such complementary combinations for a company is true partnership with valued customers and suppliers.

Eleanor Roosevelt stated, “If life were predictable, it would cease to be life and be without flavor.” Even the “best of the best” cannot predict every outcome, but those with KSA will view a setback as an enabler to the future and see every moment as a new start “feather light in freedom,” both to propel greater achievement atop recent successes or to change the course of setbacks to stronger achievement.

They do not see failure. In its place they see lessons learned and GROWTH.

For such people and companies, the non predictability of the future is what adds flavor to the feather light freedom of a new day, and never drives a feeling of “lead heaviness.”

For TowerJazz, it is our chosen path to be a company that, based upon our knowledge, skills and attitude, inspires both customers and suppliers to partner with us to achieve what others may not dare to begin. Thank you for your partnership in this journey.

CEO, TowerJazz
Chairman, TPSCo

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