Promoting today’s youth to lead tomorrow’s world

May 1, 2019 | Category: Community

“A tiny change today brings a dramatically different tomorrow.” – Richard Bach

Promoting today’s youth to lead in tomorrow’s world is one of TowerJazz’s focuses. Over the years, we have sought to create a learning environment for young teens through many volunteering, mentoring and funding initiatives. These activities have encouraged youth to take a closer look at the developing technological world and provided space to personally engage with some of our leading engineers and staff members, which further enables youth to see the opportunities that await them and the road map leading there.

Here’s a taste of those activities:

Singularity University 

Over a hundred high school students visited our Headquarters facility as part of their 3-week “Singular School Program,” to gain a general awareness and knowledge of the semiconductor industry and more specifically to learn about TowerJazz’s global business and technology leadership. For most, if not all, this was the first chance to come face to face with the technology platform that forms almost every commodity they use in their day-to-day lives. 

A welcoming environment allowed these group members to raise questions from their fields of interest and enter into a dialogue with our engineering teams that lead innovation and development in those areas.

The Singular University Society’s goal is to prepare global leaders and organizations to build a better future for all, using exponential technologies to tackle the world’s biggest challenges.

The Forum of Science and Technology

Sixty high school female students visited our facilities as part of a course promoting teenage girls to science and technology studies. During this course, participants are exposed to women who have developed substantial careers in science at leading academies and various industry fields. Their innovative and holistic social concept is to break psychological precepts and address gender in a manner that instills the idea of diversity, which proves the profitability and significant added value of placing women in key positions in companies and organizations.

Female engineers led the visit at our advanced manufacturing facility and shared their personal development stories, provided a technology and company overview, and gave the students a unique opportunity for a closer look and discussion. This meeting with our successful team of women leading scientific careers aims to inspire these young women to realize the great opportunities that await them.

GAIA – Global Awareness Investigation and Action Program

The GAIA Project is based on citizen science where students work in collaboration with field researchers to collect data and help solve environmental questions.  TowerJazz (TJ) has been an active player in research and funding for multiple years, including a partnership between TJ and students from numerous Israeli and Czech schools, helping them with their research questions based on engineering needs.  

Some of the mutual projects include: 

  • Developed gamma radiation detectors for placement in bird boxes in Israel and the Czech Republic.
  • Established numerous endangered plant sanctuaries in Israel – this led to the largest reintroduction of an endangered species (Beirut Mullen) in the history of Israel (2018), some of which date back 3,000 years.
  • Established a Center for Genomic Studies on the campus of the American International School in Israel and purchased the necessary DNA extraction equipment to begin studying the genetic diversity of plants and animals in Israel.
  • TJ’s participation in The GAIA Project’s Biological Pest Control Project with barn owls has expanded to become Israel’s largest Citizen Science Project within the Ministry of Education. Hundreds of Owl Pellet Kits have been given out to trained teachers in over 200 schools.  The data collected from these kits is returned to GAIA and analyzed for the types of rodents eaten in a specific area. The program is designed to help farmers determine where, when, and how much rodenticide may be needed for the fields. This reduces secondary poisoning and excessive use of dangerous pesticides. Overall, this allows the owl and falcon populations to grow and protects the farmer’s interests without using pesticides.  

High School Student Coaching – TJ Volunteering Programs

A devoted team of volunteers meets with high school students on a weekly basis to teach English and math. The goal of this program is to empower youth by providing one-on-one assistance to improve their math skills, communication skills and enhance their confidence in using a second language. 

We are filled with hope that such initiatives inspire and encourage these young men and women to set goals, aim higher, and dare to dream, and always pursue a better tomorrow.

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