CMOS Image Sensor

Advanced Imaging and Sensing Technologies for Next-Generation Automotive Systems

Tower Semiconductor addresses current and next-generation automotive system needs by offering an advanced image sensor platform that includes:

  • Visible light CMOS image sensors with low dark current and rolling or global shutter pixels that enable imaging with high dynamic range, high frame rate and high-resolution cameras.
  • Near-infrared enhanced sensors for low light conditions that allow detection at near darkness.
  • Active gated pixel and Single Photon Avalanche Photodiode (SPAD) technologies to enable time of flight (ToF) sensing in ultra-low light conditions for LiDAR or similar imaging. By using the ToF information of the photons reflected from the targets, the imaging system can build a 3D image of the surrounding area through sophisticated signal processing algorithms.

Tower Semiconductor’s best-in-class pixel technology is tailored for each specific sensor application with decades’ long experience in CIS design and manufacturing. 

Tower Semiconductor pixel technology offers:

  • Very high dynamic range
  • Low noise and extremely small global shutter pixels
  • Extremely low dark current and low hot pixel count
  • Near-infrared sensitivity
  • SPADs for LiDAR applications
  • Low x-talk in visible / NIR

Standard high resolution sensor

Gated sensor for high dynamic range

Best-in-class 3T-, 4T-, 5T- and 6T- pixel technology

Time-of-flight technology offering based on gated CIS and SPAD for high-sensitivity cameras and LiDAR sensing (3D mapping)

Backside illumination (BSI) for high-end automotive cameras

Robust standardized and customizable technologies for NIR and thermal imaging

Proven design-partner network for turn-key solutions

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