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AR, 3D Gesture Control & Face Recognition 

Supplying Market Leaders with 3D Imaging Capabilities 


  • Solutions in mass production providing 3D sensors to the industry leaders
  • State of the art global shutter pixel
  • Unique near IR (NIR), high MTF very fast global shutter pixels
  • Sophisticated ToF pixels and pattern recognition (structured light) pixels 
  • 6T CDS (Correlated Double Sampling) with GS (Global Shutter) functionality
  • Super High-K 3D MiM Capacitor 
  • IR enhanced versions for structured light (GS pixel)
  • Available on three platforms: 180nm. 110nm and 65nm 
  • Pixel sizes: 2.5-50 µm
TowerJazz CIS VR

Markets Served

VR TowerJazz

Augmented Reality (AR)

Face Recognition

TowerJazz 3d gestures

3D Gestures

hand gesture detection TowerJazz

Hand Gesture Detection

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