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180nm BCD Power Management Platform

One Platform for All Your Power Product Needs

Tower Semiconductor’s 180nm Power Management modular technology platform offers advanced performance, efficiency, design and footprint optimization for a wide range of operating voltages. The platform offers high levels of functional integration including: wide range of memories, high density 1.8V and 5V libraries, and advance power LDMOS,  making it highly suitable for a variety of applications such as: mobile, wearable, industrial and automotive.  A state-of-the-art PDK (TS18PM) enables the option to reuse circuits with different isolation schemes and LDMOS types, allowing the highest level of confidence in silicon success, fast time to market as well as an efficient, cost and time saving design cycle. 

Our 180nm platform is available in two manufacturing facilities worldwide, ensuring maximum operational flexibility, continuous product supply and geographic diversity.


  • Tower Semiconductor’s 0.18µm, 8” power management platform has been in production for more than ten years.
  • Over 100 devices to best fit any power management design including CMOS, LDMOS, Resistors, BJT, Capacitors and more. 
  • Scalable LDMOS in the PDK for optimized area.
  • 1.8V/5V & 5V-only options.
  • Ultra-low Rdson LDMOS from 5V to 200V: 8V~42V Gen4, 42V~140V RESURF, Drain Isolated LDMOS and 200V LDMOS.
  • Low Qgd LDMOS with high efficiency above 1.5MHz switching.
  • Galvanic capacitor enabling up to 12kV isolated gate driver and digital isolator ICs.
  • Deep trench isolation option.
  • Top thick Al & Cu options.
  • Smart ESD tools and post layout checks.
  •  Rich IP portfolio including eNVM OTP & MTP up to 256kbit, SRAM, ROM.
  • An aggressive development roadmap offers customers continued leadership in the power IC market.
  • The TS18PM process is manufactured in two worldwide sites
Power Management 180nm

Up to 5V

HEI Tower Semiconductor 0.18µm BCD


  •  Cost-effective solution with low mask count 0.18µm power management process for 5V power designs
  • Advanced Isolation capabilities
  • Aggressive design rules for area saving

Up to 42V

Gen4 & Low Qgd Tower Semiconductor 0.18µm BCD 


  • 0.18µm power management process with leading on-resistance (Rdson)
  • Low on-resistance helps power ICs achieve higher efficiency, lower power consumption, and lower temperature rise
  • Fits the consumer market for motor drivers, laptops, USB-C, wireless chargers and mobile phones
  • Scalable LDMOS device for optimal layout supports from 12V to 42V
  • Low Qgd supports higher power efficiency above 1.5MHz switching 
Power Management Consumer up to 42V

Gen6 TS18PMHP Tower 0.18µm BCD


  • 35% Rdson improvement over Gen4, 0.18µm power management 
  • Reduced number of production layers 
  • Fits the consumer market for motor drivers, laptops, USB-C, wireless chargers and more
  • Scalable LDMOS device for optimal layout supports from up to 24V operation
  • High breakdown voltages, safe operating area guaranteed in all conditions 

Up to 140V

Low Rdson and Drain Isolated 0.18µm Power Platform


  • Advanced low-side and high-side 140V low Rdson LDMOS, 140V BST diode and 140V floatability. Most of the devices with BVDSS up to 180V. 
  • Drain isolated (DrainISO) up to 65V LDMOS. 
  • Higher efficiency, lower power consumption and smaller die size due to the low Rdson at high voltages. Includes high digital integration capability.
  • Advanced Isolation scheme including scalable and dense design rules.
  • Deep trench isolation option.
  • Significant advantages for many applications such as: motor drivers, DC-DC converters and battery management ICs used for consumer and industrial products (e.g. drones, robots, power tools and garden tools, 48V DC-DC converters in data centers, power over Ethernet ICs, Automotive LED headlights, LiDAR and 48V power architecture).

 Up to 200V

Silicon over Isolator (SOI) Technology 0.18µm

TS18SOI is an industry leading Bipolar-CMOS-DMOS (BCD) process on SOI spanning 5V to 200V with dense embedded NVM targeting a wide variety of markets. The SOI platform provides mixed-signal highly integrated, isolated solutions for noise and temperature sensitive applications as well as dense embedded NVM ICs like ones common in automotive, medical and industrial environments. The process enables lowest die size at any given breakdown voltage, including negative voltages.


  • Supports applications with up to 200V breakdown voltage. The process features an integrated deep trench isolation and buried oxide which provide superior performance for a wide range of analog and power applications such as motor drivers, home and industrial appliances, battery management systems, electric vehicles, ultra-fast GaN drivers, industrial motor controllers, and many more.
  • The 200V SOI process is based on, and compatible with Tower Semiconductor’s advanced 180nm bulk BCD platform (TS18PM).
  •  SOI technology enables up to 50% area reduction compared to junction isolation in a standard foundry offering as well as provides high immunity to ESD/EMC and latch up, negative voltages operation down to minus 200V, and low leakage at high temperatures.
Power Management High Voltage 200V 180nm

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