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TPSCo Dedicated Privacy Policy

Purpose of Use

  • We shall specify and clearly indicate the purpose of use as much as possible when handling Personal Information.
  • We shall use Personal Information within the extent necessary to achieve the specified purpose. If it is necessary to use Personal Information beyond the initial purpose, we shall inform you of the new purpose and obtain the prior consent.
  • The purpose of use of Personal Information held by us is shown below.
Type of Personal Information
Major Purpose of Use
Information on Business Partner
Communication and activities necessary for business/ Management of business partners (payment procedure, etc.)
Information on Recruitment and Internship Applicants
Provision of information and communication to those who have applied for recruitment, internship, and other recruitment-related activities
Information on Retired Employees
Payment of company retirement pension, Announcement of events for retired employees
Information on Employees
Management of employment/human resources, Provision of benefits
Information on Shareholders
Execution of rights based on laws, Performance of obligations
Information on Subjects Caught on Security Cameras
Prevention of crimes, Maintenance of security inside the facility
Information on Public Offices
Communication/Report/Inquiry to competent authorities needed for business
Information on Police/Fire Department Offices and Representatives of neighborhood resident
Necessary reports in case of disasters/ emergencies, and preventive actions thereof
Information on Disclosure Requests and Inquiries
Answer/Response to inquiries

Safety Measure

We take measures to prevent Personal Information from loss, damage, falsification or leakage and to manage Personal Information safety as follows:

  • Organizational Safety Management Measure
    • We have established regulations on handling method of Personal Information as well as manager/person in charge and their tasks at each stage of acquisition, use, storage, provision, elimination, disposal, etc.
    • We conduct periodical audits regarding the status of handling Personal Information.
  • Personnel Safety Management Measure
    • We provide regular trainings for employees regarding the handling of Personal Information.
  • Physical Safety Management Measure
    • We restrict entering and equipment bringing into the area where Personal Information is handled, as well as to prevent access to Personal Information by people without the authority.
    • We take measures against theft and loss of devices, media, documents, etc. that handle Personal Information. In addition, portable devices and media must be protected by password or data encryption, even if they are carried only within the company.
  • Technical Safety Management Measure
    • We perform proper access controls to restrict employees, who may handle Personal Information, and the scope of use of the Personal Information database.
    • We have installed systems to protect information systems, which handle Personal Information, from unauthorized access or illegal software.
  • Grasp of External Environment
    • We grasp the Personal Information protection systems in the following countries where Personal Information is stored and take safety management measures.
      [Countries where Personal Information is stored: Japan]


Request Procedure

Requests of disclosure of the Retained Data or Record of Provision, modification/suspension of use/elimination of the Retained Data, and suspension of provision to a third party, may be made on our website. Please contact below for the request:
Please understand that we cannot respond to requests by visit or phone call.

The procedure flow is as follows:

1. We will send you an application form and an invoice by email upon confirming your request.
2. Please fill out the application form and prepare identification document shown as below.

(1) Necessary identification document when the principal makes a request by oneself.

A copy of one of the following documents:
・Driver’s License
・Health Insurance Card
・Pension book
・Basic Resident Registration Card with Photo
・Residence Card
・Special Permanent Resident Certificate
・Physical Disability Certificate
・Student ID, Student Handbook

(2) Necessary identification document when a representative makes a request.

A copy of one of the documents listed in (1) above, as well as a letter of authority from the principal.
We use Personal Information described on the application form and the identification document within the extent necessary to perform disclosure, correction, suspension of use, and elimination, etc. Besides, the submitted application form and the identification document will not be returned.

3. Please send the application form and the identification document to the address below.

Strategy Planning Group, Tower Partners Semiconductor
800 Higashiyama Uozu City, Toyama 937-8585, Japan

4. Please make a bank transfer for the fee by the date stated on the invoice. The fee for a request of disclosure, etc. is 1,100 yen (Consumption tax included) per an application. In the case that the fee is not made by the due date that application becomes invalid.

5. Only when it can be confirmed that the request is made by the principal with the application form and the identification document, we execute disclosure, modification, suspension of use, elimination, etc. and notify you of the completion. In addition, we explain the reason for you as much as possible, in the case that we cannot respond to your request.

Keiji Jono CEO
Yoshihisa Nagano COO
Tower Partners Semiconductor
800, Higashiyama, Uozu, Toyama, Japan