Designing ICs for Tomorrow’s Smart Automobiles:

Mentor & TowerJazz Automotive Workshops for Designers

June 27, 2019  |  Category: Technology

As the electronic content in modern cars increases rapidly, ensuring reliability and safety of electronic components becomes a mission-critical objective starting from the earliest stages of IC design. It, therefore, becomes essential that the designers have at their disposal the most accurate and efficient design tools that incorporate automotive grade quality without compromising on performance or time to market constraints.
TowerJazz and Mentor have partnered for many years to develop such tools and capabilities that are already in use today, bringing best-in-class products to market for tomorrow’s automobiles. We are pleased to announce a series of workshops for those interested in developing IC solutions for the automotive market to learn about these rich design tools and methodologies

These workshops are tailored for engineers, fabless designers, foundry interfaces, and reliability managers working on the design, fabrication, and manufacturing of devices. Comprised of three main technical sessions, these workshops also provide an exclusive setting for networking with leading experts and for healthy discussions.

Automotive Market-Driven Solutions – From Methodology to Mass Production

Power Management Automotive Platform

Almost 70% of automotive electronics is dominated by analog. Analog ICs are deployed in diverse automotive functions such as battery management systems, body / powertrain control systems, and multiple ADAS sensors systems such as cameras, radar, LiDAR as well as in-cabin monitoring/control.  As the automotive analog IC design is very layout sensitive, rigorous layout checks are extremely crucial in the IC design flow. Checks for symmetry, matching, and alignment are critical, and the layout must follow the design constraints as defined in the schematic. As an analog foundry, TowerJazz provides designers automated and efficient checking of such constraints using an enhanced PDK and by running Calibre PERC. During the workshop, we will demonstrate a complete flow of how to define the constraints either on the schematic or layout, run the Calibre PERC, and see the results on the layout. We will show it on real bandgap design with several hierarchy levels. 

A robustly designed automotive analog IC must be then manufactured in automotive qualified fabs with rigorous alignment with industry specifications for automotive grade mass production. In the second half of this session, we will present how TowerJazz has implemented its world-class quality system on the production floor, with systematic, automatic outgoing inspection, zero-defect methodology, Maverick Alert System and in-field implementation. 

IC Design for Autonomous Vehicles

Autonomous vehicles require the most sophisticated electronics systems. It is, and will become even more so, imperative to continuously improve the quality of semiconductors and verifying and validating these complex automotive systems, knowing that lives will be at risk. This will increase the test cycles, visibility, and coverage to improve the safety and reliability. We will be looking at the technologies and methodologies allowing us to handle an explosion of test scenarios to verify electronics and algorithms of driverless cars while exposing a mature development process and showing how requirement driven development provides proof that design was built and tested as intended. 

TowerJazz Power Management 180 nm 5V

Implementing an Automotive In-System Test Solution

Ensuring vehicle electronics reliability levels as mandated by the ISO 26262 standard requires periodic testing during functional operation. The Tessent MissionMode architecture provides system-level access to all on-chip test resources for key-on, key-off, and runtime testing. We will walk through the flow for implementing a chip-level architecture incorporating the MissionMode solution integrated with both logic BIST and Memory BIST capabilities.

Join us at one of the upcoming workshops:

United Kingdom


November 6 – Munich


November 21 – Santa Clara, CA

* Participation requires advanced registration.

For more information and registration please visit here.

Looking forward to seeing you there!


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