RF & High Performance Analog

Leading Solutions for Radar, LiDAR, Wireless Communication and Automotive Ethernet

Tower Semiconductor advanced RF & HPA technology is tailored to meet all of the following automotive market needs:

  • Radar and LiDAR Tower Semiconductor’s best-in-class SiGe Terabit Platform is ideally suited to serve this growing market. As an example, Tower Semiconductor today manufactures sensors for Denso deployed in the North America Toyota Camry, which combine high-performance SiGe transistors for the transmission and reception of the radar signal together with 0.18μm CMOS for the integration of digital control functions on a single chip. Ultra-low-noise inherent to SiGe transistors makes it an ideal platform for designing trans-impedance amplifiers for LiDAR.
  • Wireless communication The Company’s SiGe BiCMOS Front-End Module-on-a-Chip RF Platform is tailored for Wi-Fi / Bluetooth communications and has been in high volume production for many years. In addition, Tower Semiconductor’s advanced RF SOI technology offers best-in-class Ron-Coff and noise figure for RF switching and low-noise amplifiers. Tower Semiconductor’s SiGe Terabit Platform is ideally suited for various low noise amplification for GPS, 5G and Wi-Fi communications.
  • Automotive Ethernet Tower Semiconductor’s versatile SiGe Terabit Platform is the technology of choice for today’s 100Gbps Datacom optical networks and is ideally suited for automotive Ethernet based on similar communication standards. The Company has recently announced availability of PH18, the Silicon Photonics Platform, that can further enable high-speed optical communications in a car.

Tower Semiconductor’s RFCMOS, RFSOI and SiGe power amplifier technology platform provides a complete portfolio of foundry technologies for meeting the needs of internet of everything providing connectivity solutions for navigation, infotainment and vehicle-to-everything (V2X) communication.

Tower Semiconductor RF and high performance analog technologies are offered in its US, Israel and Japan fabs, with major technology nodes qualified in at least two fabs.

Best-in-class SiGe Terabit Platform for high-speed, low-noise applications such as Automotive Ethernet and LiDAR signal amplification

Tier-1 radar (SiGe) in volume production

Supplier of choice to market leaders in every high-performance RF and analog market segment

RFSOI and SiGe technology platforms for V2X wireless communications

SiPho foundry offering for emerging automotive interconnect applications

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