TowerJazz Non imaging sensors

Magnetic Sensors

Offering high temperature GaN based and high sensitivity TMR sensors

Magnetic sensors are used in navigation systems, automobiles, smartphones and safety equipment, which provides outstanding market opportunities for companies using these devices in electronic systems. 


  • Magnetic logic unit based MTJ/TMR sensors (with Crocus Technologies) featuring nano-sized magnetic stacks with tunnel MgO and having  record sensitivity (below 1 Oersted)
  • TMR sensors integrated with CMOS (only 3 additional masks to Tower Semiconductor 0.13um Cu B/E CMOS process flow)
  • High operation temperature (above 400°C) Hall sensors employing AlGaN/GaN interface.
TowerJazz TMR Magnetic Sensor

Magnetic Sensors – Markets Served 


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Aerospace & Defense


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TowerJazz Non Imaging Sensors for Consumer

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