Silicon Photonics (SiPho)

High volume foundry platform for high-speed optical communications, 

high-performance computing, and emerging innovative sensor applications

Tower Semiconductor’s PH18 SiPho foundry offering is designed to address the growing demand for the o-band and c-band data center interconnect market. The platform is offered at Tower Semiconductor’s 200mm fab in Newport Beach, CA, USA.  Low-cost rapid prototyping is available through our conveniently scheduled Multi Project Wafer (MPW) shuttle program runs. 

Tower Semiconductor’s “open” platform is offered to all SiPho customers unlike other “closed” processes only offered to certain customers or restricted to low-volume prototyping. Tower Semiconductor’s industry-leading design platform targeting optical networking and data center interconnect applications. The SiPho process complements the Company’s SiGe BiCMOS processes to provide a more complete solution in the expanding data communication market by providing optical components in addition to fast electronic devices. 


  • Low-loss Silicon and silicon nitride waveguides
  • Germanium PIN diodes and avalanche photodiodes
  • PIN-diode based phase shifters and MZMs
  • Efficient on-chip heater element
    Efficient Fiber alignment and facet coupling
  • Standard CMOS-compatible platform with Al-backend
  • Under bump metallization for Laser attach
    On-chip or integrated laser options
  • Ansys, Cadence, Luceda, Mentor, and Synopsys based foundry PDKs
  • In-line optical testing capability
  • MPW and fast-turn short-loop runs

Silicon Photonics Markets Served

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